Save Big with e-Learning

Let us get you started in eLearning (the right way)
The process of launching your eLearning has never been easier. Simply select the package that best fits your number of users, decide whether you would like to add courses, add your logo and branding, select where you’d like your online address to be and launch your eLearning.

Our Courses in Your LMS

Ultimate Flexibility
Introducing eCourses, the latest innovation from Salem Consulting; Africa’s #1 learning content company. eCourses are the fastest and - by far - the most cost effective way to load up your LMS with e-learning courses.

Works with:
Moodle | Blackboard | + hundreds more

Online web-based eLearning

Using znanja gives you the added ability to easily create your own courses specific to your organization and assign them to learners.

  • Completely customizable
  • Administrators have complete control to edit courses
  • Incorporate your brand
  • Localize the content of any course